Borough Market and Catch Up Galore

My best friends and I visited Borough Food Market near London Bridge this weekend . . . a first for me!

Borough Market is London’s most renowned food market; with the most amazing British and international produce.


I kind of forgot to take pictures inside the market (such a blogger fail) but got pictures of the delicious food we ate – you can always trust Bianca to take pictures of her food!

Our first food stop . . . calamari! I cannot get enough of this stuff  . . . with a generous helping of sweet chilli sauce I am moved to heaven (okay maybe that’s a little OTT)



It was then time to get some more food  . . . in our defence it was way past lunch time! Borough Market is packed on Saturdays so we were lucky to find a few seats at the Brew Wharf. We tucked into delicious cheesy potato skins with sour cream and tomato ketchup along with the necessary refreshments  . . . I opted for orange juice!




Then our antipasti vegetarian platter arrived  . . . to be honest we weren’t too amazed by this and literally only ate the pitta bread. 😦



However we did managed to save the day with some chicken wings! You can’t go wrong with wings right?



We did eat more than this I promise! I just didn’t take any pics (fail again!)

After eating ourselves into a little food coma we headed off to Covent Garden to do what girls do best . . SHOP! Covent Garden is one my most favourite places to shop in London, I just love the atmosphere. We headed over to Reiss as there was a 70% sale  . . who can resist? I may have made a cheeky winter purchase along the way . . .

The day was coming to a end but not before we scoffed some more food at Ping Pong for some tasty dim sum . . . we literally just ate all day long!

I seriously cannot explain how good it feels to hang out with your best friends, just shopping, chatting and catching up. I love my best friends! ❤

Till next time . . .




Monkey and Me

I have been away from the blogging world for a while . . . but I am back! 

It was my best friends birthday about a week ago and we decided to go out for a spot of lunch at Monkey and Me for some delicious Thai food. The service was surprisingly good considering that they were quite busy during the lunchtime rush.

For starters we opted for the Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce.

For my main I chose the Garlic and Pepper stir fry with tofu . . . it was yummy!

image (2)

My main was just delicious rice, tofu, soy sauce and veg! The perfect combination and not too heavy either . . . might have to pop back there soon.

P.S Did anyone see the Fifty shades of Grey trailer that was released last week? . . .  Jamie Dornan looks amazing and that is all I have to say folks!

Afternoon tea & day out in London

So it was my Mums birthday on 5th June so I thought I would treat her to a day out in London and some delicious afternoon tea at Scoff and Banter – Covent Garden.

The weather was more than fab 22 degrees and sunshine – what else could we ask for?! We had a browse in some of the shops and picked up a few items – you can never have too many clothes! Before we knew it it was time to head to Scoff and Banter on Mercer St for some delicious afternoon tea. There were so many little treats and endless cups of tea on offer – Mum was enjoying every moment and so did I!

Overall it was a lovely day out with my Mum – I am so glad she enjoyed the ‘tea’ experience after all she does so much for me and this was just a small way of saying thank you! Love you Mum xoxo

And a few pictures below of my day out . . . enjoy!




Life Lately #1

Okay so I have kind of stolen the blog title from but I quite liked the idea so thought it would be cool to try out my own version.

I haven’t been up to much this week apart from work, eating everything in my cupboards at the weekend and then eating out (and watching the entire season 1 of the ‘The Originals’ again!) Thought I would post pic of what I have been up to (food wise!) As you can see I have been a little naughty and making sweet treats and eating out … more than I should really! Image

I have been wanting to make a fruit loaf for ages now and I decided to put my baking skills to the test! My mission: make the kitchen as messy as possible (full of bright, colourful plastic bowls and plates). To be honest I made a mistake of including apricots to the recipe and it went all down hill from there – however my parents appreciated the gesture.

I then went to an Indian restaurant with my Mum – one of my most favourite dishes was the Mushroom Manchurian (4th pic) which is mushrooms mixed in a very hot masala gravy with onions and peppers. HOWEVER it was so hot I had to literally drink at least 4 glasses of water to survive (okay slight exaggeration).

Then we went to Ikea (my food heaven) I love the food in Ikea its just so cheap and yummy – as you can already tell I went for the classic fish and chips. I think the best part for the weekend has to be picking up my holiday pictures and finally putting my Dubai and New York album together – there is something about printing out holiday pictures and putting them in big album that is so satisfying! I love looking through it and remembering all the amazing moments from both trips!

Now I am off for a walk in this beautiful sunshine – I need it!

Till next time . . .

My trip to Dubai.

Just got home from work a few hours ago went straight to the shower (had some dinner too) and hit my laptop. I just can’t wait to get home and read other blogs and writing!

It takes me up to 2 hours to travel to and from work which essentially gives me a lot of thinking time. I was thinking about my next blog post (eager beaver!). I thought I would talk about my recent spur of the moment trip to Dubai. The last time I went to Dubai was when I was 11 years (I feel super old now) so Mum and I had some holiday booked together so we thought why not take a trip out to the UAE.

We left on Tuesday and came back on Sunday I have to say it was one of the most amazing weeks of my life basking in 40 degree heat. Strangely enough I didn’t tan that much!  So here we go with some pictures from my trip and a little synopsis along the way – enjoy!



We stayed at the Dusit Thani hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road close to the Dubai Mall. This was my view from outside the hotel I just couldn’t get over how tall the Burj Khalifa is!



The time difference from London to Dubai was only 3 hours – we landed around 8am and I was starving as usual so I had to hit my favourite restaurant ever . . . Nandos! To be honest I was just glad to get something to eat!




Time for some touristy pictures Mum was adamant on taking pictures everywhere (I secretly enjoyed it). This was just outside the Dubai Mall on my very first day there – I have never been to such a big mall on my life I am sure I got lost a view times in there 😉



We had only been shopping for a little over 2 hours and we needed a treat to keep us going. There were so many gelato options in the mall that we were spoilt for choice I ended up going for the melon (it was amazing!).




The Sea Aquarium and Underwater zoo is conveniently located inside the upper ground of the Dubai Mall and so we got our tickets and headed inside. So many little fishes!



It was time to go up the Burj Khalifa and see the amazing views of Dubai from the worlds tallest building. It was a totally different atmosphere at night we sat up there for ages taking in the views and just watching the cars go by. This has to be one of my most favourite parts of Dubai.



Nothing ends the night than a cheeky cheesecake factory trip Mum and I ordered a oreo cheesecake – which was a 1000 calories per slice (eeek!) I was in heaven by this point. Cheesecake heaven that is.



As we didn’t have much time in Dubai we decided to take the ‘Big bus tour’ around Dubai which worked out perfectly. You could hop on and hop off at selected stops and it was cheap too (taxis aren’t always the cheapest option). We got a chance to see the Burj al Arab the 7* hotel in Dubai (not sure if 7* actually exists) nonetheless it was beautiful to see alongside the beach.



We then went to the Gold Souk every gold buyers paradise. The gold on display was definitely beautiful and expensive!



It was time to get on the Dhow cruise over Dubai Creek the cruise lasted for a little over an hour and we enjoyed the views on one of the hottest days in Dubai. I definitely had a sweat patch or two (TMI).





I just like this palm tree picture. Nothing else to say apart from TAKE ME BACK.




I haven’t included all my pictures from my trip but thought it would be nice to end with a picture from the Safari Desert tour – okay maybe this was my most favourite day in Dubai I had the chance to ride a camel, ride a quad bike, sand dune riding in the most dangerous 4×4 that ever existed. Overall it was one the best holidays I have ever been on – well I haven’t been on that many but still to me this was a very special and magical trip.


Thanks for getting this far and reading my blog!


Love Bianca



25 facts about me.

I love love love reading these tags. You get to find out things about a person that you never really expected.

Thought I would do my own one too!

1. I love Nandos but then again who doesn’t? My usual order is 1/4 chicken lemon and herb, creamy mash, spicy rice and halloumi (yum!)

2. I worry a lot! I am a constant worrier I worry about everything in particular my future. In fact my Media teacher in Sixth Form once told me that she wouldn’t be surprised if I had a heart attack by 25 😦

3. I am a big dreamer I believe that one day I will move out of London (perhaps to Dubai?) have an amazing job, get married  by 30 and retire at 40. Now that is what I call a good life.

4. I dislike ‘lateness’  (my best friends will know this fact all too well) lack of time management is one of my worst pet peeves.

5. I studied Business Management and Marketing at university. I graduated in 2013.

6.  I dislike Winter. Nothing about it appeals to me I just wish it was Spring/Summer all the time.

7. I go on the Daily Mail website at least 12 times a day. It is definitely an illness.

8. I am an only child.

9. I actually like my own company.

10. I am a little shy when I meet someone for the first time (but aren’t we all?).

11. I have a big fear of presenting to others. I have to do them for work sometimes but I have started to believe that if I practice enough it will be okay.

12. My Starbucks order is always (regardless of the season) a caramel frappuccino with no cream. Okay maybe a English breakfast tea when its super cold.

13. I love to sing in the shower. Everyday. Every morning.

14. I laugh like a witch. High cackles and everything.

15. I sometimes say inappropriate things out aloud. Rude jokes galore.

16. My girl crush is Cameron Diaz. This changes monthly.

17. My first job was as a weekend Administration Assistant whilst I studied at university. I loved it and enjoyed the company that came with it. In fact I bought a new laptop with my first pay cheque.

18. I wish I was more confident. The lack of confidence has always held me back.

19. I have 3 best friends who live quite close to me. I am not sure what I would do without them.

20. I talk to myself a lot. Totally by accident of course.

21. I love Dubai. I have only been there twice but Dubai is just so magical.

22. I hate feet and anything to do with that particular area.

23. I have the biggest crush on Daniel Gilles from ‘The Originals’. Just wow.

24. I ashamed to say that I cannot speak my mother tongue. I actually feel embarrassed at how bad I am.

25. I want to learn how to fly a plane. One day.



My name is Bianca I am 22 years old, marketing graduate working in London.

I recently felt the urge to start blogging again, I used to have a very childish blog back in the day (the less we mention about that the better!) so I thought why not start again? This blog will consist of everything random going on in my life e.g. Ikea trips every weekend as it is my favourite place in the entire world (okay joking!).

Looking forward to writing posts again!